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Below there's a chronological list of articles published on the web over the past few years, mainly in Hebrew.
For English translations and a mix of English reviews click here.


Xnet interview with HADARA (Hebrew)

Nrg - In depth Interview (Hebrew)

Review in Noked's Blog (Hebrew)

About the Book, Sapir Magazine article (Hebrew)

Saloona interview about Girls & Books (Hebrew)

NRG - first chapter of book (Hebrew)

Answering Book questions




First Listen to 12th Album of SONGS, NAKED at WALLA

Behind the music of SONGS, NAKED (NRG)

Mar. 2012


Mar. 2008

 Fearture interview, HAARETZ WEEKEND MAGAZINE ( Hebrew)
03/31/2008  Interview - Dudu Cohen, Makor Rishon (Hebrew)
03/16/2008  Oren Goldschmidt - Shakin' that ass...

Feb. 2008
02/26/2008  Disk Review - Timora Lessinger, Ynet (Hebrew)
02/21/2008  Disk Review - Ben Shalev, Haaretz (Hebrew)
02/19/2008  Disk Review - Omry Grinberg, Nana (Hebrew)
02/17/2008  Disk Review, Sharon Arielli - Walla (Hebrew)
02/12/2008  Disk Review - Yoav Kutner, Music 24 (Hebrew)
02/11/2008  Interview with Hadara - Yoav Nevo, Mooma (Hebrew)

Jan. 2008
01/04/2008  Review on "Angels", Hebrew single, Mooma (Hebrew)
01/04/2008  Review on "Angels", Hebrew single, Achbar Ha'Ir (Hebrew)

Nov. 2007

26/11/2007  Review on the first Hebrew single, NRG (Hebrew)
21/11/2007  Review on the first Hebrew single, Music24 (Hebrew)
21/11/2007  Feeling In Hebrew, Music24 (Hebrew)
20/11/2007  Loves the radio playing it hard, MOOMA (Hebrew)

May 2006

23/05/2006 Impressions from the Romanian Tour (Hebrew)

Dec. 2005

27/12/2005 MC Shiri vs. Hadara, Music24, (Hebrew)
07/12/2004 A Ynet interview by Assaf Levanon (Hebrew)

Feb. 2005
25/02/2005 A review of The Move by Gidi Avivi, Haaretz, (Hebrew)
15/02/2005 A concert review by GoGay magazine (Hebrew)
07/02/2005 A review of The Move, Walla, Kol Ha'Ir by Ofer Seker (Hebrew)
01/02/2005 A concert review by Karni Eldar in Jerusalem (Hebrew)

Jan. 2005
27/01/2005 A concert review by TV Channel 24 (Hebrew)
25/01/2005 An interview at HABAMA, by Tal Gordon (Hebrew)
24/01/2005 A Ynet review of The Move by Geva Kara Oz (Hebrew)
19/12/2004 A radio interview at Galatz (Hebrew)
12/01/2005 The Move, Walla (Hebrew)
12/01/2005 An interview by Sagie Ben-Nun, The Move, Haaretz (Hebrew)

Aug. 2004
17/08/2004 Ten forming memories, NRG (Hebrew)

July 2004
01/07/2004 21 Q/A by Hadara at The Blind Janitor

11/11/2003 An interview by Timora (Hebrew)
15/03/2002 An interview by Shy Lahav, Maariv (Hebrew)
16/02/2002 Hadara's top ten albums of the moment (Hebrew)
15/02/2002 A review of King O by Avi Efrati (Hebrew)
15/02/2002 A review of King O by Gal Uchovsky, Maariv (Hebrew)
01/02/2002 AMG review of King O (English)
03/05/2001 A review of This is a True Story by Shy Lahav (Hebrew)