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Old Radio Station - 2007

"Old Radio Station", Hadara's first Hebrew hip-hop single. The video was directed by Glendon & Isabella

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Rehearsing the song live for Walla! Music Section

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Sort of Everywhere - 2006

"Sort of Everywhere" from the album "After the Storm" 2006, directed by Itay Atraktsi.
Something to notice: Hadara's Jamiroquai looks towards the end of the clip.

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"Israeli Duet" TV show with Yermi Kaplan - 2006

On the Israeli TV show "Israeli Duet", Hadara had met Yermi Kaplan and talked to him about music and life. They've also proformed a few songs togeter, which Walla! Had uploaded to the web.

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All I Want - 2005

Here's the "All I Want" video-clip, directed and edited by Rothem Shamir and Omri Givon. You can watch it only through a fast internet connection 500bps and upward. In the clip are actual shots from the recording sessions in Glasgow, the live session at the BBC Scotland, furtive glances at the gold and platinum records of Travis and The Teenage Fanclub, and some sweet moments from various live shows. Oh, and there's a handsome boy too.

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Blue Eyed Shadow - 2004

"Blue Eyed Shadow (I gotta get laid tonight)", from the album "The Move", was directed by Lior Molcho. He went wild with mind, as I with mine. It's kind of a hymn to my Kings of music.

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