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Mixed Photos 01

When I was asked to word out the Mixed Photo's (2000-2004), it felt like a wobbly trip into a precious zone, those pictures cutting out time for me in the maddest way. Every picture carries its own history, its own time zone, and a wide wild scene taking place just off-frame. There's a coffee break (wine for me) over a shooting session for my first album, and then the cold of Jerusalem during that session, a tiring sound check on a trippy concert, some deep dive into the songs, my first recording session EVER, an encrazed, drunk concert, my first UK tour, playing at the Big World Festival in Glasgow (The Tron Theatre, cool audience), the best concert during that tour in Manchester, the white grand piano at the Museum concert, my favourite winter shoes, a promo gig at Virgin Mega Store in Glasgow (fun, fun, fun), my favourite darky bar in Jerusalem (I look like a tired regular on a good hair day), the video shoot, where Rothem, the director, turns me into a 007 pro, where I get to kill my drummer and throw my bass player into the pool. What can I say, it's music! It's a sweet celebration of some musical moments, lucky enough to be captured like that.

I want to thank all those sweet photo takers, for being there, and for stretching and enriching those great little furtive moments beyond their furtive reality. Thank you, Alma & Orit, Noa Ben Shalom, Elazar, Roni, David Kaye and every one with a camera at hand, and magic at heart.