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The Move- The Mixing Experience

Saturday, July 31st, 2004

Working with Eldad Guetta, my creative mixing man, was an amazing exprience, getting to know each other musically, opening up to a different vibe. Some of the songs were certainly taking on a new vibe through the mixing, where Eldad was taking some liberties with the bass and some additional instruments. We kind of established our own routine, where I got to have a glass of red wine and the best seat in the house (Eldad’s seat in front of his FABULOUS computer), while listening to the track of the day. I always ended up commenting something about my voice. My favourite neurosis. We learned to trust each other musically, and although he was doing the hard work here (for the first time in my personal recording history, some one was actually doing the hard work between us), I allow myself to say: mixing was fun for me.

I was hooked on Eldad to mix my tracks at first sight. He was a choice of my guts. We had met a couple of times for listening sessions, checking out our tastes, vibes and chemistry. He’s an amazing musician, and a very intelligent person, but I was looking for someone I could LIVE WITH musically and emotionally for the duration of the mixing. And I’m so glad I followed my heart. He was perfect for this album. Music is really magic, and although it often makes no sense, it gets you somewhere, where there’s love and life and inner groove and jive and friends. And many cool surprises on the way.

The musicians playing on my tracks are Assaf Kraus (drums), Guy Adrian ( bass) AA Cool ( trombone), Uri Brauner Kinorot (guitars, pedal steel, saxophone), Peter Roth (guitars), Eldad Guetta (practically everything, computer designed sounds, bass, keyboards) and myself on the keyboard. I’m so gratefull to all of them, each in a different way. They have done an amazing work. Can’t wait for you all to hear it too.

The Man on the train

Friday, July 30th, 2004

People kept asking me, how come I didn’t have a web site, all those 4 indie years. I’m not sure why, but it just didn’t feel pressing enough, till I met the man on the train. I guess things got to have their perfect timing zone in this world, to be working out well. It was my first ride on an Israeli train. The train was pretty empty, till this young and handsome guy was getting on it, and of all those vacant seats he picked the one across from me. He held a BTVS book, had a cool hair, and guess what…he was taking the train all the way up north to go to MY concert that very night. Later that night he came to my concert and brought me a whole bunch of my favourite sugarfull chewing gum balls. Pretty soon he mentioned Aimee Man and I mentioned Ryan Adams, and we became friends. This website is HIS work!

By the way, that night, after the concert, I threw up my guts at the back entrance to the club. I was in no shape to ride back home. The club owner and his pregnant wife were so gracious, they had me sleeping over at their place. We all agreed, it’s rock and roll, and all is fair in rock and roll. Yeah right! Anyway, it’s an opportunity to thank those people majorly. Itay and now extended family, of Martef 10, and Yishai Avior, my web siter,  the man on the train.