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Thursday, September 2nd, 2004


Woa, this last one has been one of those weeks, you know, when everything is bespelling you out of your ordinary (hmmmm) wits. Too many things are piling up to deal with, and all I can think about is that Handsome Boy, and how far will we go.

Going too far is scary. And I gotta thank some sweet people, for letting me go too far with them. It can be real embarrassing, sometimes. There are only special kinds of people who can bear your too far actions, thoughts, words, dreams, intimacy whatever and all. Going too far is often about crossing lines, of various sorts, and I’m so good at it. I like crossing lines, and I like going too far with things. When I come to think of it, most of my songs are about crossing lines of sorts. “ I Met a Nice Lady”, “Tears of a Rock Star”, “I’m Not Tempted”, “The Move” are the obvious crossing, but I think my whole life is about going far and crossing lines. It’s the fuel of my life and the heart of my work.

Ok, back to that Handsome Boy. Last night a friend asked me about my weblog, and why am I not storming it with some juicy thoughts. I realized it hasn’t been easy filling up those pages, not as easy as I expected. My songs being my ultimate diary, I kinda panicked that if I channeled all that energy into those pages, there would have been nothing left for the songs. And that would be the end of me. Now what does that have to do with the Handsome Boy? Nothing, I guess. Except that he manages to creep into everything I do.

OK, truth is, I’d love to tell you about that Handsome Boy, but I’m gonna keep up all that magic for the songs, and all that energy, for the concerts.

Just for the records, though, we’ve gone pretty far.
And we haven’t even fought once. Yet.

Oh, here’s a song:


Baby’s got another. As he opens up the door,
he says he likes no other,
and he breaks down on my floor
I would have let him go,
If he would leave my heart alone,
But in the middle of the day he turns me on

Baby’s got some heavy history hanging on his accent.
He soaks it in an early morning vodka,
and he packs it and he sells it.
He’s got a pretty woman and a pretty child
gracing up his home,
But in the middle of a show he turns me on

Baby’s got the biggest smile of light I’ve ever seen,
But all he wants is pretty boys to bang behind the scene.
And as he holds my hand, I ask if he would change
his love zone.
In the middle of the night he turns me on

Baby knows to slide in style
as he paves the air across the bar.
He’s loaded up with ready looks,
he makes his way, he’s sitting by.
He measures up my lines and aches
and makes his mind up not to take.
In the middle of the cold he turns me on.

Baby walks in beauty as he gets upon the stage.
With his golden brass he paints
the angels of this earth
He’s got the move, he’s got the soul
And I love him more than rock & roll
In the middle of a song he turns me on

And some times love comes after all.
You know it’s been beating down your soul.
And when you open up your heart to dance,
You’ll always get another chance.
And stories will flow on forever.
And everything about you feels a little better.
And none of this would even matter,
‘cause you’ll be riding on the wings of love