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Wednesday, November 17th, 2004


All right. It’s been too long, since I last weblogged my life, but it is all for great reasons. I’ve been busy to my brims with, well, music. The first single from The Move is coming up soon, and there’s a lot of preparation around it. Also I’ve been deep into getting my current concert songs recorded. There are a bunch of them, some 40 new songs, that I really like. It ain’t no small thing, getting them all recorded so I can capture their true current vibe. Some months ago, I recorded the guide for a few of those songs. But I’m thinking of getting into the studio soon, and getting a live recording of those songs, with Assaf on drums, Assa on guitars and AA Cool with his FAB trombone soul. Then, as some of you know, I recorded my last concert at Club Hed and I’ll be recording the next two concerts over there. All and all I should have enough to choose from, for my next LIVE album. But it’s been wracking my nerves.


Notice the addition to the GALLERY Page, there’s a whole gust of memories from Glasgow and Vienna. Music gets you to the best places in the world, to the best hearts, the best people. Well, most of the time, anyway.


My cool Webmaster has been insisting on putting Lech Lishon on the site. Since I owe him one big time, the song is on the EXTRAS PAGE, for free download or just to listen to. Lech Lishon is the first recorded song I have ever written, some time around the end of 99. And I had rarely ever sung it again till recently. When it was written, it felt like a sort of a hymn I sang to myself when I felt weak, or particularly sad, or when my dreams and passions felt way too heavy to become real, and I knew I wasn’t ever gonna give them up. The thing with this first song is that it sort of kept its promise. I mean, it did have a bespelling effect on my dreams and passions. Or at least on the way I went about them. One more thing: when I wrote the song, I wasn’t totally aware I was actually writing a song. It was a sec before I actually became a singer songwriter, and I was feebly, fearfully touching the piano. And this tune came out. I was playing it to myself entranced, behind closed doors. Literally. As it were, my friend David Sky happened to come by, and he heard the tune from the outside, and he sort of hung on awhile behind the door before actually knocking. It was the first time he heard me playing, and he loved the tune. He groped for some Hebrew lyrics I had written, that were scattered on my kitchen counter, and handed them to me. Here, he said, why don’t you try putting these to your melody. And I did, quiverously. And as I was singing my very first song,  I was mesmerized and totally swept by the magical notion of actually becoming a musician, right there and then. Less than a few days later I was on stage, loaded with many more new songs. My first time on stage was recorded, per chance, by someone in the audience. And this is it, my very first song in my very first live performance, in its very first recorded version. That’s the way I used to sound.


Yesterday I ordered a load of books. The Chronicles by Bob Dylan and a bunch of Charles Bukowski. Can’t wait for those guys to land at my doorstep. In the meantime, I’ve been listening to Ohia. Here’s to you, great guys.