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Thursday, July 7th, 2005

The Glasgow sessions, sealed on an EP called ALL I WANT is being released this week, almost a year and a half after the actual sessions. It’s PERFECT for me. I know I’m usually so impatient about things, but life has it’s amazing ways of lulling me into its natural, ultimate rhythm. And it’s always right! I like these songs so much better now than even a few months ago.  I’m just sitting (and sweating) here, in front of the computer, being grateful. This is all still MAGIC for me. Music and people and the mysterious ways about it all.

Ok, let me tell you about the songs. And the people involved.

MY SECRET  ROAD – This song was originally called “The Night of The Singer-Songwriter” and had MANY words.  I wrote it in a swish. It was at a time when I felt I might have over-dosed, writing about my quirky love and age issues and all, and that things were alright out there, the revolution got it’s own way, and that I could very well pack up my music and issues and embark on a new career.  But then, a miserable slip of  a tongue of someone I knew, instantly reminded me that “war isn’t over and it ain’t gonna end”, and that there are many songs yet to be written till war is really over, on all fronts, and we can relax.

Anyway, Duncan thought it was a lousy title to a great song. He sent me to the computer, and within minutes I had a new, well shaven version of it, called: MY SECRET ROADS. It was the first song we did. Phill kept watching over us to keep them songs short. Johnny’s guitars and heart-felt notion of structure and lines, Mati’s drums and Kevin’s double bass all around me, I was bathing in true love. I couldn’t have asked for more. They were funny, and kind, and sweet and had the COOLEST, craziest accents. Duncan had the worst. He actually had to be translated to me. It went like this: Mati, originally Candian, translated Kevin. Kevin translated Johnny. And Johnny translated Duncan. Just imagine how long it takes a joke to get to me. And then they thought I was plain slow. Hmmm.  Anyway, accents never stood in the way of music. Or if they did, they probably made it better.

Btw, in concerts, I still do the long, piano driven, original version.

ALL I WANT was also fun to do. Duncan LOVED particularly the line “Time and again I wanted to kill you, time and again I wanted to please you”. He also dragged the last line to be the opening line as well. ’’I believe in love, just as long as LOVE believes in me’’. It felt like I had all the words, but I needed to rearrange them, and I tried re-locating words and breaking up whole sentences, trying to re-construct the song like a puzzle. I had all the pieces, just needed to find their perfect matchings, to get a clearer picture of the song. Oh, Johnny went wild on the guitars here. I just love the guy.

BREAK ME DOWN was well shortened as well. It lost a whole verse.  But what I really love is that we kept the ending. Which I think is the coolest part of the song. This song is the oldest of the songs, and pretty much kept its original shape.

RECORDING VOCALS was a trip. It was the first time anyone actually WORKED with me, and pretty toughly too. I loved it. Duncan was hearing stuff I couldn’t hear myself, and at one time he almost made me cry. But then he got me a bottle of wine, so I was alright. There was a beautiful snow blizzard out, and it was getting late. It was towards the end of my stay in Glasgow, and I was getting so sad to leave anxious to get it all done before I leave. We got it all down just on time. The back vocals on BREAK ME DOWN were recorded later, by Carol Lola.

And all of this wouldn’t have happened without my friends: David Kaye in Glasgow and Yaniv Davidson, in Israel. This EP is half yours. And it’s only the beginning.

We’re celebrating with a special concert, AT the ZAPPA CLUB, with my  Israeli band, Assaf, Assa, Daniel and AA Cool Schneider. Monday 25.7 at 21:30. Come and get drunk with us.