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Tuesday, September 6th, 2005


A slow, sweet September morning and plenty of dreams to do. The chiseled snaps of Bob Dylans’s mind are buzzing in the air, sort of decking my days with stars, dreams, passion, inspiration and faith.I think that a definite sense of an intense reality, whether it’s real or not, is the igniter of the song-writing faculties.

I’ve been working on two projects kind of simultaneously, and I love it. My double-album LOVE UNPLUGGED is basically almost ready to get mixed. Gotta re-do all the vocals, then add some seasoning, perk up the whole bunch and let it go. I’ve been letting it boil on its own for a while. Something I’m not used to do with my music. But it feels right this time. It’s the trombone album, in the sense that all the songs were written with the trombone in mind, and the trombone boy around, and it’s sort of wrapping the entire era, where everything felt new and exciting and VERY intensive for some two years.  It’s not simple, recording this intensity. I guess I needed to take a break from it before I final-mix it. I’m not used to taking a break from my songs before they’re actually released, pr and all. But I really like this new way of going about it all. I guess I am changing, and this change has opened up my heart to this new project.

The new project is of no name yet. It sweeps me into it like the sweetest love. Omri Levy is producing it. It’s getting me to write new songs everyday. I think this project kind of caught us both by surprise. One day we woke up and realized that we’re half way into completing this album, that we’re actually having fun, that we can’t wait to record another song, that we’re working faster than any of us thought we could, that we surprisingly agree most of the time, that Omri digs my love for this deep, chocolate Bass drum mixed with some home made strings orchestra, that we hadn’t plan on it, but we’re in love. And we just can’t get enough. Something like that. Friday Sessions would be a nice title for this album. We’re planning on hosting some friends on it too. Can’t wait.