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Tuesday, January 24th, 2006

Any minute now David Sky’s coming for rehearsal, and, well, it’s gonna be mostly drinking, talking, catching up and a little playing too. If the elements allow, we might even get to write a new song or two.¬† We’re hooked now on Elvis Presely’s ALWAYS ON MY MIND, thanks to my main man on this planet music these days, Ryan Adams.

My albums of this month: Ryans Adams’ “29” and his “Jacksonville City Lights“. Also Dylan’s “Highway 62 Revisited“.

In the film department: the AMAZING rockumentary “DIG!” and “NO DIRECTION HOME“.

In the still photography departent: my babe, Noa Ben-Shalom, the mad photographer. She’s got a new site, and I gotta say, she’s one of the best action still photographer I know. Her magic eyes always made me look¬† beautiful when sort of least expected. Noa is the babe in the song “A Miracle at a Time” from my album “THE MOVE“. She always spreads her whole world on the floor. That’s how I met her some hearty years ago. Haven’t seen her for a while, but I heard she’s coming to Jerusalem this weekend. You can listen to this song on the MUSIC page.