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Tuesday, January 24th, 2006

Any minute now David Sky’s coming for rehearsal, and, well, it’s gonna be mostly drinking, talking, catching up and a little playing too. If the elements allow, we might even get to write a new song or two.  We’re hooked now on Elvis Presely’s ALWAYS ON MY MIND, thanks to my main man on this planet music these days, Ryan Adams.

My albums of this month: Ryans Adams’ “29” and his “Jacksonville City Lights“. Also Dylan’s “Highway 62 Revisited“.

In the film department: the AMAZING rockumentary “DIG!” and “NO DIRECTION HOME“.

In the still photography departent: my babe, Noa Ben-Shalom, the mad photographer. She’s got a new site, and I gotta say, she’s one of the best action still photographer I know. Her magic eyes always made me look  beautiful when sort of least expected. Noa is the babe in the song “A Miracle at a Time” from my album “THE MOVE“. She always spreads her whole world on the floor. That’s how I met her some hearty years ago. Haven’t seen her for a while, but I heard she’s coming to Jerusalem this weekend. You can listen to this song on the MUSIC page.