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Thursday, June 8th, 2006

It’s kind of how I feel these days. The King is back, and I gotta get back on my feet again,
So here’s a list, just to get some order in the mess within my brains:

1. Yesterday I wrote 3 new songs. What am I gonna do with new songs?

2. Gotta get back to the LOVE UNPLUGGED recording, my 18 song double-album. I like the concept of a double album. I like double albums. People are gonna be less harsh on me, if I split the the shit, rather than print it all on a one cd. Yeah. Ari Burstein will sing on it too, do some guitar. I gotta add some harmonica and strings. Shoot. Lots of work.

3. Gotta start charting out the album after that, now called URGENT LIGHT. Like the songs. Looking for a cool producer though.

4. My secret project.

5. Another secret project.

Alright, here is the bridge part of THE KING IS BACK:

My baby underground, please come up to the light.
The king is coming, he’s looking for you.
He puts down his crown, letting down his gorgeous hair.
He’s taking out his shirt,
His sweat is shining, soft and fair.
I’m not sure if he’s a woman or a man,
if his eyes are brown or blue.
The light is blinding, but I can tell he’s looking for you.
Oh, babe, come up to the light,
I need you up here.
People are looking at me, the show must begin.
Come up to the light, show them you’re real and true.
They’re thinking I’m crazy,
making up stories about you.