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Too much of a good thing

Saturday, August 25th, 2007

The song can be heard on this site. We’ve just uploaded it. Some of you asked for the lyrics. Here they are. Oh, you may notice some difference than the actual singing. Well, I tend to sway freely about. Anyway, these are the original lyrics:


Too sweet to be true, and so fucking new, to sweet to fall in love with you, so absolutely not like anyone before,
I’ve fallen way yonder for many a beautiful boy.

If yesterday you came my way, I wouldnt’ve seen the magic.
If yesterday you called my name, I wouldnt’ve heard your voice.
Something foreign in the air has twisted all the rules.
The game became so young again, and babe, it’s bringing back the blues.

I try to be precise, more real, more true with words to you. But running out of waters, I get stuck with loving you, Just like that. Just like that. My mind is running blank.

I used to love the young & blazing, mad & amazing, hard & somewhat sweetly plasticating, masticating, tempting to the lips & bones, American style hip-hop & all
with some neo laid-back chic of some passive-alternative soul. But I never loved anyone more than Rock & Roll.

Let me put it this way, for 20 years or so,
I never got laid by anyone older in this world.
You move me on the soft side, I’m used to tripping wild.
I’m scared to be tamed, but I’m taking this ride.
People say it’s time

Words come easy when you’re messing with your mind.
It’s just another morning where you left your skin behind.
Sea-salt air, a gentle buzz, the inner city wake up call.
And I would give it all to you, but you always wanted more.

Your CK perfume is the mild of the set.
It never lasts on anyone else longer than your self.
I sniff it while it lingers, like a mad dog under your spell.
But too much of a good thing will get you straight to Hell

BUT I NEVER LET YOU DOWN, why don’t you stay some with me, to the end of time