ALONE IS ALONE IS ALONE – the blow job

December 29th, 2008

ALONE IS ALONE IS ALONE is something about the inherent heart break that hovers upon the relationship between the artist and his ever changing status in the world. It’s an eternal battle of sorts; on the one hand, there’s the urgent need to get somewhere,saying something, and on the other hand there’s this gnawing sense of going nowhere, with nothing to say. Or worse, going nowhere with something to say. Or worse yet, going somewhere HUGE with nothing to say. Or worse, what ever. There’s always something worse, that’s for sure, in that darkly road of a fervent artist. So depressing, but then, there’s the music getting in the way, and it makes you sunddelnly believe. Against all odds, of courrse. I mean, listen to these buch of musicians. It’s really a celebration. This first single from the new album was one of the last to be recorded. Most of the musicians heard the song for the first time the day we recorded it. I called the harmonica player on that very day ( I had met him a couple of days earlier per chance), and asked him if he were free just now, to come to the studio, and give the song a spontaneous blow. Oh man, he did. The greatest blow job ever.

If this is your low tide, I’m on the wrong side, hearing your pride beaten down, flat on the ground, wings flapping around, crying for help. No body cares, as you’re falling from grace, and the race keeps numbing your heart to the craze. No body listens, there’s no intermission, the world keeps spinning, not easing your mind. No one cares anymore, once a star once a whore; no one covers your song, no one’s rolling a stone. Get it into your head, baby, alone is alone is a lone!

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