The Move – Behind The Songs

January 7th, 2005

THE MOVE has been a great journey for me, so I was thinking of letting you know a bit of the stories and thoughts behind the songs. Just a bit, though, so I won’t blow the magic away, and also, to leave something for the press. All and all, recording The Move has been a blast. I cannot be grateful enough for the experience.

1. Rap of Faith

“It started with an after noon vodka and a dream. You had no faith in me, you spoke about the girl who played a whole song on one string. Well, I got so many notes under my skin.”

RAP OF FAITH is a rap of faith in music. Faith in Me. In my way. It starts up with an episode I remember clearly, just when I was about to embark on my music career. Then it goes on to explore some of the tender, vulnerable relationships amongst, oh well, lovers, musicians, anyone really. Of course, it all starts with one love and ends up with another.

2. Break Me Down

Love like that. He preferred European films, and I preferred Hollywood. But he always ended up coming to all my concerts. And now he’s doing his great music in Hollywood. And it’s fun having him play in my concerts too.

3. Blue Eyed Shadow

Better known as “I just wanna get laid tonight”. What can I say, love takes on a whole different look, when you’re doing music. This guy whom I loved came secretly to one of my concerts. I spotted him instantly. He appeared in the back, a shadow merged in the dark bulk of the audience, except for his clearly sparkling, recognizable blue eyes.

“You look like a top model”, I was thinking, “ and I’m just a working class hero with something to say”. I always feel my love is so misunderstood. Nothing ever beats music for me. Zappa put it perfectly: Love is not music. Music is the best. “So when I tell you that I love you, please don’t get me wrong, my music gets to choose my top ten pleasures of this world.”

4. Brooklyn Beat

That friend from song # 2, and also the one from WHAT THE FUCK,  and from many other songs, is a great singer\song writer. “There ain’t a song that gets as real as lovers racing down a record deal”. We’re definitely racing each other and he’s a great racer too.

5. The Move

Falling in love with a DJ can be SO romantic. I cannot disclose any more details. But the answers to all questions are in the song.

6. Sexual Underground

One of my favourite trombone songs. Before AA Cool came into my life, this song was a solo-piano. This is one of the first songs we played together, and where he became my musical soul mate. There’s something about AA Cool’s trombone that deeply digs the heart of my songs and responds PERFECTLY to it.

7. Music Makes No Sense

This is THE BEST version of this song so far, and the guitars of Uri Kinorot make the whole difference. I wrote this song in a moment of deep confusion, and I was holding on to music like never before, and it saved my ass, mentally, that is. Like I said, “music makes no sense, but it takes you somewhere where there’s life and love and inner jive and groove, my friend”.

8. Hot Stuff

Oh, that song is breaking my heart. “Don’t you know already, it’s a-messing with the real, that gets a deal, and all the rest falls on the way. Perhaps another chance we take, risking everything we have,getting closer to the edge, is living”. Yeah. It’s about taking REAL chances, living on the edge, and making something great out of your life. I mean, I cannot settle for less.

9. All I WANT

This song is about putting my soul on the line, in LOVE and in MY SONGS. Once again, I wouldn’t settle for less, in love or music. Yet: “ I believe in LOVE, just as long as LOVE believes in me”

10. R& B

Someone really broke my trust, left me in the cold, on the road, like a dog, all alone. But I knew:
“You gotta let it be born
Gotta MOVE it on and on.
Gotta let yourself free.
Gotta know who you ARE and BE.”

11. White Skin Bound

My first attempt at soft-rap. The lyrics will be attached separately. So many lovers have been compressed into that song, but my music, as always, takes them all.

12. Falling in Love

The best part of any relationship is the FALLING IN LOVE part of it. That oh so furtive bliss. I can’t stand it.

13. Magic Time

“No shit can pull me down.  You’re getting nowhere loving underground”. You know, when you’re in a kind of a secret or somewhat forbidden affair, and you want to break loose, and you’re willing to pay the price?

14. It ain’t Good Enough

You know it’s lonely at the top, but you want to get there anyway. You want to look at the world from the cover of a weekend magazine. You know that people always look better on the Cover than on the Middle page. And you never look back. Sometimes you just feel that nothing, not even the best love in the world, will wvwer be good enough for you.

15. A miracle at a time

Woa, that was a great spring. I fell in love with someone so TOTALLY different than me. No one gave us a chance. I’m not sure we ever did give ourselves a chance. But we enjoyed the short time we had and took our days ONE MIRACLE AT A TIME. It gave me a lot of strength and faith in my way, and inspired a few songs. I’m still taking life this way, one miracle at a time.

16. Your Smile

The sad side of the above mentioned miracle.

17. Schoziphrenia. (To produce your own album)

This song completes the heart of this album. I wrote this song the night before I started recording this album. There were a lot of nasty wars in my life those days, and I realized I was going to produce this album alone, musically, and that I needed all the strength I can get. I had a lot of sweet, inspiring and humorous rage that kept a lot of sadness away. I needed so much strength that there was no place for sadness. I kept asking myself, “do you believe that one more song will bring you back home?” I think it’s a love song to myself, and to this art of song making. It’s really perfect way to seal this album. I have a well-produced version of this song, produced by Itamar Eshpar, but I decided to use this very naked version, with piano only. And here’s the thing:
“If this music pleases you at all, my land of milk and honey,
I want to feel your love, I want to see the money.”

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  1. damtiela Says:

    excellent cd, and a great performance last night at the Stanga.

  2. soso Says:

    just reading your you make love sound so easy and wonderful. you are very inspiring.. at least tonight you really were helpful.. literally!i let loose!;) thanks!

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