HERE'S MY WORD TO YOU (a new song)

December 30th, 2005

Summer time has flown by and if I new you then to take my hand and keep our secret on your own. Traveling amidst the foreign crowd the rain was soothing but the moment couldn’t last your aching brain. It must have been crazy just to think of us together, before we even met, April pulsing in my song. But oh those days when just a single note could send a rocket by and set the world on fire and mend or change your wounded mind.

This is loving you like no one else before, I mean, forget the tales, forget the magazines. I always loved the photographs of black-&-white in motion, I’d fix the rest in just a perfect place for me. There was a glorifying arrow notifying names and dates and passing faces all around the endless party. Yesterday the phone was mute, no one called to say hello, I thought I lost it all, I didn’t matter anymore.

Old school records playing new and breaking just in time to kiss you, softly spoken heart aches, easy breaking happiness. The show moved on, the buzz connecting with the flow, leaving hard core naked truth locked hard behind the doors. Little diamonds on the edges, walking up the aisle to greatness, shoes too tight and guts held-back to keep a perfect shape. I noticed eyes suspecting I was wrong, a big mistake, unfit, misplaced, too wordy, troubled and too old. What do you expect, there’s a voice that hangs around you everywhere you go and shouts: respect, respect

In my kingdom I will hold you on your falling
And in this falling I will take your hand and lead you through
And on your way your fall will turn to flying
Here’s my word to you.

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