According to Rod Stuart, the first cut is the deepest. According to me, the first fight is the coolest. I really have a thing for lovers’ fights. It’s sexy, healthy and it tells a lot about the people involved. My WHAT THE FUCK song (from the album King O) is one hell of a sweet fight I had with my worst best friend, David Sky. It’s an almost word-by-word transcript of one of our quintessential fights. Listening back to it (with music and all), I think we were excellent fighters. Yeah, we had some delicious battles, and they inspired a lot of my songs. It’s been a while since I had a hearty, love-drenched fight with anyone. Two nights ago, a day after my Jerusalem concert at the Syndrome, I finally had my first fight with that Handsome Boy. It was absolutely delicious and had all the right ingredients.

OK, fights aren’t all that handsome, but if you’re good at them, they may get you horny, and you can turn them into great songs. Here’s the deal: you gotta care enough, yet be selfish enough to enjoy these battles. Better yet, you gotta be fucked up enough to make a mental note of every detail involved, just that you can write a smash hit about them the next day.

Fights can be so fucking sexy. I mean, the vibe, the set up, the intensity, the flashes that occur in your mind while at it, the hard core crying, the tears shed, salty and sparkling in the dark, the heart ache, the manic phobias that storm in the heart, the excitement, the wild insults and cursing, the shutting in, the opening up. The fear to lose the battle, to lose yourself, to lose your friend, to lose whatever little or much you’ve had. It’s a kind of a dance. It’s really a great drama. If you know your art of lovers’ fight, if both sides are full heartedly into it, but playful enough to master it, if you dare risking and twisting and putting your soul on the line, babes, then you’re up for a great song.

Now, a real good fight can be exhausting, but I think it refines and enhances whatever kind of love you got going there. Of course, there’s the make up sex too.  Ain’t nuthin’ like it yet. Although, personally, I like the song better.

Here’s a song, then. “ALL I WANT”,
from THE MOVE and the Glasgow sessions  EP “ALL I WANT”

I guess I really did mess up just everything we had. I guess we really had to take it as long as we had. But I think it’s going all right now, if you just let me be. You make me feel so endless. Time & again I wanted to kill you. Time again I wanted to please you.

I know that when you were looking, I was never around. You probably won’t trust it, but I was out of my mind. You must have known me forever, to let me in your heart. See I’ve changed, now you found me, I’m doing something right.

I’m putting myself on the line here, drawing the sketch of my soul, and I’m letting you know what I know. I’m risking, sort of twisting, sort of letting it go, and I hope it will flow, like a ball of snow.

In the great sun that splits me warm, after the war, you gave me my music, and I gave it my soul. See I believe in Love, just as long as Love believes in Me

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