Spin dating in Romania

May 20th, 2006

Spin dating in Romania was more than anything I could have imagined. We did 5 shows in 3 days and every one ended up with a an ecstatic blast. I mean every show was uniquely the best at the time. I came back to Israel happily exhausted. And I still want more. I’m one of those, I guess. Nothing is ever enough for me.

Blind dating an audience ain’t easy. Worst case, you hope to part as friends. We started feeling each other carefully, the audience and I, hoping to fall in love but fearing bitter disappointment. We had about an hour and a half to learn each other’s secret hearts, neurosis, scars, inner lingo and all of that. Luckily we were digging each other right from the start. The BBC WORLD and the Romanian TV watching us at all times, I kind of tried to behave myself, be careful with my words, if not my thoughts. Luckily again, I couldn’t hold back all that much and it didn’t take too long before I was well into the better part of my lyrics which usually describes the better parts of life anyway.  Songs just flew through me. I did a cover of the King’s ÁLWAYS ON MY MIND and I kind of messed it up a bit, but the audience was so chill about it, and I had a total blast.  We has so much fun, I think the King himself would have liked it.

Wine is superb in Romania. And cheap. Couldn’t stop drinking. Even the white wine was delicious.

My band was cool too. My drummer had the whole rock-n-roll trip under his pants. He ended up with 5 sweet girls in his bed, all naked. He was the only one with jeans on. That’s my drummer. He’s got the strike and I got the mike. He’s got the drums, and I got the rhymes. And we try real hard to get along, and it’s lots of fun when we do. Those girls were real sweet. They had been to my concert in Cluj, and on a last moment’s grace decided to follow the concert all the way to Sibiu, where we played the next night.  They had a 6 am train back home, so my drummer had them stay with him for the night.

Most of the songs I did were from my next double album, LOVE UNPLUGGED. For some reason it seems like those songs cannot get off the road and into the recording studio. The recording I have still needs a lot of work, and some new verve of a soul in it. I’m gonna be back in the studio this month, hopefully, and add my shit (more harmonica, more strings, more soul) and see what happens then.

2 Responses to “Spin dating in Romania”

  1. one sweet girl Says:

    cool drummer-i could’t stop laughing for about an hour reading this-spin dating indeed 🙂 the details were a bit messed up but they made my day.

    i hope you’ll find what you’re looking for and finally record the double album and the next time you’ll be in romania we’ll meet again for a glass of wine (strawberry if he’ll still be your main man)and a chat.

    thanks for the great couple of days

  2. sava Says:

    we liked you to. hope to see you soon