After the storm (lyrics)

May 21st, 2006

So many heartaches & a fallen star was missing on the way.
You thought you could own me,
with just the right tune and a  pretty thing to say.
Pushing me on and on, covered with sweat, the roads keep playing.
I couldn’t let go of you, and yet, I was saying:

Sorry I hurt you, but sometimes you need
to settle for the better hand and I
Had to unease you, don’t take it too hard, I had to be looking.
And there’s a wave that’s calling, playing me hard and loud,
Tossing me about, my heart keeps cracking, it keeps on breaking apart.

I see the rainbow, knocking at my window,
standing in the way of the dark.
Playing hard to get with my heart.

Walking in miracles, the arrows you poisoned were constantly missing my heart.
My river was flowing, and yesterdays’ grace was heavily hid in the dark.
A barefoot girl is walking, soaking wet dress, mud painted face, and a trace
Of long love-drunk nights, holding wounded visions & withered flowers in her hand.

After the dark storm comes the shattering calm.
Crispy bright light shines on;
it only cuts deeper in the sad eyes looking for home.
Everyone wears the skin that one bears, or else, trying to get by.
Cold bottled water, struggling accents and palaces cutting the sky.

One Response to “After the storm (lyrics)”

  1. Rony Says:

    Finally I broke through to check your site,
    love your words
    all the best