My man Ryan Adams

May 5th, 2006

I’m only linking those review of my favourite current artist (here’s ONE and here’s TWO), so you can deeply enjoy the sweetest words of Ryan Adams’ heart-breakingly coolest response.

Now you may dig my utmost affinity to this man, aye?

Here’s to Ryan Adams. Here’s to music.

2 Responses to “My man Ryan Adams”

  1. soso Says:

    well, yeah.. he stunned me.. he seems to be a complete artist and he really was cool responding to his fans in a truthful way.. and his music is f*****g great!

  2. roby Says:

    well, depends on your level of empathy, for the guy or for the craft. Of course, one could demolish his response critically, cinically, analitical or one can accept that in an age of mass-consumerism it’s getting increasingly rare to peak into the pains of creation, and what’s the chance of a tormented soul/mind/artist of getting critical acclaim or widespread acceptation anyway?
    Our neighbourhood may be jammed w loveable weirdos or freaks projecting or not the aura (and the potential??) of a great artist, and the Internet makes it possible to know many more of these than in the old days, so there may be a plethora of artistic pain in the making but, alas, part of it just comes to satisfy our own voyeuristic needs.

    I must confess I never heared of him before you mentioned him yesterday in Brasov, as ryan NOT Brian 🙂 , the latter wouldn’t have fitted anyway in our list of “I’m fucking a girl who doesn’t like X..”
    Now certainly you made me curious to hear his songs…

    Whichever case of genuine/pompous/fake creative torment that may be regarding this guy, I can see why he is ‘your man’, aye! (I’m glad though you’re not a chainsmoker, u don’t need Tom Waits’ rugged voice to convey the feeling of intimacy, of I’m there in your veins )

    As for your own performance (and stage frights?), well you got me hooked. Am glad to have seen you perform twice in one night, and even gladder to have had that nice conversation w u.

    Your most humble admirer 🙂